The Caribbean Beaches

The Caribbean is certainly a region of variety, attracting travellers from all over the world. Tourists visit these beautiful islands to absorb the wonderful cultures, to photograph the stunning scenery, not to forget the splendid cuisine that they have to offer, and to get moulded into liveliness that surrounds this part of the world.

Anyone who’s been to the Caribbean will rave about the beaches. The Caribbean has some of the world’s best beaches which has fun-filled atmosphere. Beautiful beaches of the Caribbean wait for your families’ arrival.

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Pristine Beaches in Aruba

Aruba is home to some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the Caribbean.  There are stunning resorts all along the main beach, and we were lucky enough to stay in one for our honeymoon for 10 days in 1999.  You had to cross the street to get to the beach every day, but it was an absolutely terrific view!  We generally rented an umbrella shelter to protect from the very powerful rays of the sun, but it was really the time of our lives.

aruba-beachThe first morning we were there we went parasailing early in the morning after breakfast on the beach.  It was a great morning, and from high in the air you could really appreciate the immense beauty of the beach and ocean.  We went up about 500 feet, and although it did not look very high from the beach, once you were up there it was a towering height (and a terrifying height)!

We first learned of Aruba from a good friend of mine who was in the carpet cleaning business.  He owned a company in Florida that specialized in carpet cleaning and took a job in Aruba and for more than a year did a lot of carpet cleaning at local hotels and restaurants.  He finally went home after a few years enjoying the good life in Aruba, and went back to carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning nd did quite well at that, but just did not enjoy it as much.

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The Beaches of Mexico

mexico-beachesThe beaches of Mexico are among are among the most beautiful beaches in the entire world.  The sand is so soft and pure and white.  The water temperature is usually warm most of the year which makes it a great vacation destination nearly any time.  We traveled to Mexico on vacation two summers ago and stayed right on the beach.  We rented a large home with two other families and it was absolute paradise for a full week.

You can expect the following from the beaches of Mexico:

  • Great shops for food and merchandise
  • Soft, clean sand
  • Lots of tourists (very busy)

We barbecued on the beach in the evenings as we take margaritas and told stories of the adventures of that day.  We played volleyball during the day while the kids went swimming off in the ocean in the pool.  It then became a tradition where we all took afternoon naps on the beach.  It was pure paradise and we did this for 8 straight days!  We enjoyed every single minute, and when the trip was over not a single person wanted to leave and we even considered extending!

There is an old saying not to drink the water in Mexico.  We learned the hard way that this might actually be true.  Sarah, my sister, had a severe stomach bug the last half of the trip which was very unfortunate.  She was in the hotel room pretty much the entire time, and only started feeling better in evenings after 5:00pm each day.  We all thought that was nice timing, as it was just in time for happy hour!  We think she got the bug from drinking water in the mornings after her walks on the beach.  As she would go for long walks and then drink 3 or 4 bottles of water to stay hydrated after watching the sunrise on the beach.

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Ponce Inlet Beaches

ponce-inlet-beachPonce Inlet is a spectacular small beach town on the east coast of Florida. This beautiful white sand that stretches for several miles and on the south end of the beach is a brilliant and fun park. There’s no driving on this beach which is a very good thing because we do not think that beaches and cars go together.

The park at this beach is Lighthouse Park, and it is truly an awesome park. It is near the jetty so it has great surfing, a great and comfortable beach, and also many barbecue pits if you want to grill some burgers or a steak. It also has great fishing along the jetty we have to be careful because there are many rocks and it is easy to lose your fishing rig.

The park recently went through an overhaul as it was getting unkempt and starting to look a little bit rundown. They hired Port Orange Tree Service to come in and perform all of the tree work required at the park and they really did a great job. They did some tree removal in Port Orange, tree pruning, and many other things that gave the park a much better overall look. This company in Port Orange really did a fantastic job in the upgrade to the park was amazing.  Here is a video of some of the work performed:

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The Gold Coast in Australia

gold-coastThe Gold Coast of Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When you see images of the Gold Coast they are always breathtaking. And the name itself, Gold Coast, is quite a great name that really tells you what you will get when you experience these beaches. They’re so pure, so clean, and so will maintain that they will earn your love and respect as well as your enjoyment each time you visit.

It also has many unique features that make it special for both local visitors and international visitors. Its long, sandy beaches are no doubt beautiful but there are also many other things to enjoy. The Gold Coast even has a number of entertaining theme parks, including Sea World and Wet N Wild. So this is one of the great things about this area on Australia’s east coast, is that there’s a lot to do for all visitors depending on what you enjoy and how much outdoor time you want to have.

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Florida Beach Vacations

If you’re looking for a great beach destination to find white sandy beaches that are clean and soft, than most people agree that the beaches of Florida are very hard to beat.  There are so many great beaches in Florida to choose from that you just can’t go wrong.  The beaches on the Gulf of Mexico are unique in that the water is generally called and more, and the sand is soft and powdery.

On the opposite side of the state is the Atlantic Ocean and the beaches here have both hard and soft sand.  Say you have both to choose from and it is all according to your personal taste.  We stayed at a home in Central Florida that was undergoing construction, and we stayed there for a full of six months.

Foam InsulationOne thing that happened to this home while we’re there is that they sprayed foam insulation in the attic and it really helped the home stay cool during that hot summer.  The contractor was very nice and was very helpful and explain to us how the spray foam insulation in Orlando, FL would improve the home, and even improve our trip by saving us money.  I learn that technologies like this can really save you money when you are on vacation and renting a home.  We’re able to use the money that we saved and spend more time traveling to many of the great beaches in Florida.  We took a day trip to West Palm Beach and it was a splendid day that I will always remember.  We never did make it to the beach that day but still have a great time.

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Malibu Beach Vacation and the Power of Solar

Malibu BeachLast summer we took a vacation left to Malibu Beach, California.  It was the most amazing two weeks that I have ever experienced.  The weather was absolutely beautiful the entire time and we did something exciting each and every day.  We actually saw a movie star while at lunch one day, and I can’t even remember his name, but my younger sister was going crazy.  We stayed in a rental home right on the beach and it was the most stunning beach I have ever seen.  The sun sets were breathtaking, and each evening we set our patio and waited for the sun to set while sipping on a cocktail.  It was amazing!

The home that we stayed in was extraordinary.  It was what you call a green home as it was very energy efficient.  The owner who rented the home to us said that it does not use any electricity from the power company, but rather generates all of its own electricity.  One thing that covered the entire roof of this home was solar panels, and I learned a lot about how solar panels work to provide electricity to a home.

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Clearwater Beach and Stunning Sunsets

Clearwater Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Southeast.  The area is clean and quaint, and the beaches are unforgettable.  The sand on these beaches is so pure, brilliant white, and as clean as you’ll find anywhere in the world.  It has been voted best beach in Florida on many occasions.

There are many things to do in the area as well.  Clearwater marina is a well-known location for fishing charters.  We had some clients fly in to Tampa International last spring for a fishing trip.  What a great weekend in Clearwater Beach!  First of all, we picked them up in style at the airport with luxury limo service.  We then went straight to dinner, and ate right on the beach at Crabby Bill’s.

We went deep sea fishing the next morning, and caught around 100 king fish.  It was such a great trip on a truly beautiful day.  The boat captain was such a young guy and a lot of fun.  We just stayed in the same general area, and drove the boat in a circle.  And we did not stop catching fish over about 5 hours.  It was non-stop and I have never had so much fun fishing.  My clients, from Ohio, had a remarkable time as well.

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The Florida Keys – Never Seen a Beach

Now we all love the Florida Keys.  It’s a place to relax, unwind, have a few cocktails, and forget about the real world.  And we all need that from time to time!  It’s also a great place to dive and fish.

It is pretty world-renowned for its fishing, and there are lots of fishing tournaments in the Keys.  Usually a lot of corporate events, and keeps the excitement and the buzz going year-round.  I have actually been a part of one fishing tournament.  It was a July morning in 2003, and a day I will never forget!  It was blazing hot that day, and we rolled out of the marina at 6:00 am.  There were a long line of fishing boats with eager fishermen heading out with dreams of Blue Marlin and 50 pound Mahi.

Well, we were out there for 8 hours and caught one Mahi.  Oh well, it was a great day nonetheless.  At the end of the day, we headed back to the hotel to relax and rest up for the next day.  We were all excited to explore the Keys, and since I was very unfamiliar with the area I was especially excited.

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The Powder Bank of Daytona Beach

One of the most famous beaches in the world is Daytona Beach on the east coast of Florida.  The beaches on the east coast of Florida are unique because they have hard-packed sand as well as soft sand, so it is the best of both worlds.  The beaches on the west coast of Florida have only soft sand, so there’s nowhere to ride a bike or even go for a jog.

You will see joggers on the west coast of Florida, but the running lane is very small and not ideal.  If you ever go to Clearwater Beach, Saint Pete Beach, or Sarasota Beach you will notice the soft sand going all the way to the water line.  This is a really beautiful sight and very comfortable for a family beach day, but it just limits the activities that you can do like bike riding and jogging.

My brother-in-law, who is a solar panel contractor in the Daytona area, jogs 5 miles every morning on Daytona Beach.  He also runs marathons and other competitive races, and always says that the workout he gets by jogging on the beach each morning is what prepares him for those marathon events.  And he runs that 5 miles every morning come rain or shine, and whether it’s cold or hot.  He always says that watching that sun come over the horizon when jogging the beach is what gives his day energy.

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