The Powder Bank in Seaside

Seaside is in the panhandle of Florida, and not far from Pensacola.  Seaside’s powder bank is among the most impressive in Florida.  What makes it truly unique, is that it is one of the few beaches in Florida that has a sloped bank (especially in the winter).  And yes, that bank is absolutely full of amazing powder sand and many memories waiting in the wings.

For years we spent Thanksgiving weekend in Seaside, and would take long walks in the morning on the beaches.  And even though the water was always quite cold in November, you would still see surfers attacking those Gulf waves.  The beach walks were always so impressive because the sand was so soft and powdery, that you could mistake it for snow.  And always so clean – just beautiful.  You may remember the stories of black tar on these beaches from the oil spill, but fortunately those problems are far behind us as shown below:

The beaches in the panhandle Florida are very different than the rest of the state.  They don’t have many areas of hard packed sand where you can ride or even jog.  But there are plenty of other things to do in this kind of sand, such as a great game of volleyball, or just laying down and soaking in the sun.

Seaside is a great little beach town as well.  The neighborhood is very quaint and safe, and everything is within walking distance.  See you can relax in the afternoon curled up with a good book, and then stroll to the downtown area a few minutes away for a cocktail and sunset view.  This view over the beach from many of the elevated restaurants is breathtaking.  You probably will not truly appreciate the stunning beauty of these powder banks until you see this sense at picture.  It will be one to hang on your mantle.

Many times at lunch, we often pack a picnic lunch and head down to the soft sand at the beach.  It is always a warm and friendly environment, with many families doing picnics on blankets over the powers sand.

If you have never been to the quaint town of Seaside, or its beautiful beaches, you really need to plan a trip in the summer or fall.  Its charm and beauty will capture your heart, and your family will thank you for finding this quiet little gem.

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