Welcome to Powder Bank!

Welcome to PowderBank.com!  This site is everything beaches, and what I like to call the powder bank!  Ever since I was a young girl, my family and I have spent every free minute, most vacations, holiday weekends, wedding receptions, family portraits, Thanksgiving breaks, and more, at one place…the beach!

I have grown up with such a love and respect for Mother Ocean.  Even when I cannot get to the beach for weeks and months due to work and life, I often daydream of lying on that powder bank soaking in rays.  I feel the balmy trade winds coming off the sea, and I feel that soft, warm sand on my body.

It is a place that I have so many memories, really for all of my life.  I hope to share these memories with you, but even more to hear your stories of days gone by spent at beaches around the world.  The beach is a place of peace, wonder, deep thought, and appreciation for all that God has given this world.  And I do think, that this is one of His best gifts!

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