The Florida Keys – Never Seen a Beach

Now we all love the Florida Keys.  It’s a place to relax, unwind, have a few cocktails, and forget about the real world.  And we all need that from time to time!  It’s also a great place to dive and fish.

It is pretty world-renowned for its fishing, and there are lots of fishing tournaments in the Keys.  Usually a lot of corporate events, and keeps the excitement and the buzz going year-round.  I have actually been a part of one fishing tournament.  It was a July morning in 2003, and a day I will never forget!  It was blazing hot that day, and we rolled out of the marina at 6:00 am.  There were a long line of fishing boats with eager fishermen heading out with dreams of Blue Marlin and 50 pound Mahi.

Well, we were out there for 8 hours and caught one Mahi.  Oh well, it was a great day nonetheless.  At the end of the day, we headed back to the hotel to relax and rest up for the next day.  We were all excited to explore the Keys, and since I was very unfamiliar with the area I was especially excited.

Well we woke up early the next day, and I told my daughters, “We’re in the Florida Keys, so let’s go find the closest beach!”  Little did I know that the beach, what I like to call the powder bank, does not really exist in the the Florida Keys.  We drove around for several hours and went to several areas that were close to beaches, but they just weren’t real beaches!

After about 3 hours of going through this, I finally had to come to a final conclusion.  Although the Florida Keys has a lot to offer the average visitor, a pristine and beautiful white-sand beach is just not one of them.  The beaches in the Keys are special and unique in their own way, but they are not packed with white powdery sand where you lay out and get sun.  They are more like a rocky, hiking experience.  Not necessarily a bad thing, just different.

This is what you can expect from a beach in the Florida Keys:

  • Rocky with debris
  • Dark sand
  • Narrow area
  • Shady

We made many more trips to the Florida Keys’ beaches over the next five years, and I came to realize that if you are a beach lover like me, then the Keys are probably not where you should be.  There are other things to do there, like fish and dive, but a gorgeous and white-sand beach will not be in your forecast!

This is why you go to the Florida Keys:

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