Malibu Beach Vacation and the Power of Solar

Malibu BeachLast summer we took a vacation left to Malibu Beach, California.  It was the most amazing two weeks that I have ever experienced.  The weather was absolutely beautiful the entire time and we did something exciting each and every day.  We actually saw a movie star while at lunch one day, and I can’t even remember his name, but my younger sister was going crazy.  We stayed in a rental home right on the beach and it was the most stunning beach I have ever seen.  The sun sets were breathtaking, and each evening we set our patio and waited for the sun to set while sipping on a cocktail.  It was amazing!

The home that we stayed in was extraordinary.  It was what you call a green home as it was very energy efficient.  The owner who rented the home to us said that it does not use any electricity from the power company, but rather generates all of its own electricity.  One thing that covered the entire roof of this home was solar panels, and I learned a lot about how solar panels work to provide electricity to a home.

Solar roof panels are a specific sort of solar panel designed to be installed on the roof of a structure or home. The main aim of these panels is to collect photovoltaic energy to generate electricity. They likewise are utilized for heating water. Solar panels work by utilizing the natural energy of the sun, and storing that energy so that it could be used by us in the rental home that we stayed in. A solar thermal collector is used to fetch the energy from the sun into water or any other liquid medium; this stor the ed energy is later utilized as energy. Now this energy converts into electricity with the help of solar panels called photovoltaic module converts. This electric energy is saved in battery bays so that it could be used later.

MalibuThermal Collectors

The Solar thermal collector type of solar panel is common everywhere, and since our rental home was right on the beach, it made good use of the abundant sunshine.   A lot of buildings and structures line their roofs with these panels to collect direct heat from the sun, which is exactly how our home was set-up. These solar panels incorporate a liquid that runs through distinctive pipes which are joined with absorber panel. This liquid can be water for home use; however, it might be something else in larger scale facilities. Most of the people don’t know why absorber panels are coated black only. Well, the reason behind this is that black color can absorb more sunlight. The main purpose is to heat up the panel so that it could heat up the liquid; that is why, because the black color is the ideal choice. This liquid can be pumped anywhere for the use in home applications such as laundry, sinks, as well as hot water for shower.

PV Panels

Solar roof panels can also be used to generate electricity via photovoltaic panels. Smaller homes usually use such type of solar panels to save on energy expenses. These photovoltaic panels are likewise placed on the roof similar to the collectors. The roof is the best location for the installation of solar panels because it is the only place where a device can catch 100% direct sunlight. Also, they don’t look unsightly on roofs. In this system, the energy is captured and stored in the batteries to power the house.  This is exactly what our rental home had on the roof, and it was very powerful.
Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are not totally different than old photovoltaic panels; however, they are advanced, smaller, and aesthetically pleasing. These new features are the reason why solar shingles are popular around the globe. If you never considered solar panels due to their visual appearance, then you might like solar shingles. All types of solar panels are beneficial as solar energy, and have tons of benefits and there is not a single downside to them.

I’ve learned a great deal on that vacation to California, and although the beach was very beautiful I also spent time learning about the power of home energy efficiency as well as solar panels.

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