Ponce Inlet Beaches

ponce-inlet-beachPonce Inlet is a spectacular small beach town on the east coast of Florida. This beautiful white sand that stretches for several miles and on the south end of the beach is a brilliant and fun park. There’s no driving on this beach which is a very good thing because we do not think that beaches and cars go together.

The park at this beach is Lighthouse Park, and it is truly an awesome park. It is near the jetty so it has great surfing, a great and comfortable beach, and also many barbecue pits if you want to grill some burgers or a steak. It also has great fishing along the jetty we have to be careful because there are many rocks and it is easy to lose your fishing rig.

The park recently went through an overhaul as it was getting unkempt and starting to look a little bit rundown. They hired Port Orange Tree Service to come in and perform all of the tree work required at the park and they really did a great job. They did some tree removal in Port Orange, tree pruning, and many other things that gave the park a much better overall look. This company in Port Orange really did a fantastic job in the upgrade to the park was amazing.  Here is a video of some of the work performed:

The beaches throughout this area have two types of sand:

  1. Hard packed sand
  2. Soft sand

This is really great as when you have both hard and soft sand on the same beach that allows you to do many activities than you otherwise could not do. The hard sand is great for bike riding and jogging, whereas the soft sand is ideal for activities like a Frisbee, relaxing, and playing other games. The area suffered a lot of damage from hurricanes a decade ago, but has recovered very nicely and is really better than ever.

These beaches are also close to many great restaurants, and some are right on the beach which is really awesome. And most are in walking distance see don’t even have to go to your car if you to grab a quick bite to eat. And the food at these local restaurants is amazingly good, and they usually have a local band playing.

Another great thing about the beaches in Ponce Inlet, is that there are no high-rise hotels so it has a very quaint look and feel. You feel like you’re in your neighborhood back home in a suburb, but yet the area is actually right on the beach with breathtaking scenery and the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. In the beaches are kept so clean that you will rarely if ever find trash or debris on the beach.

So the next time you’re in Florida you much trouble to Ponce Inlet to see one of the most beautiful beaches and the entire world!

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