Pristine Beaches in Aruba

Aruba is home to some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the Caribbean.  There are stunning resorts all along the main beach, and we were lucky enough to stay in one for our honeymoon for 10 days in 1999.  You had to cross the street to get to the beach every day, but it was an absolutely terrific view!  We generally rented an umbrella shelter to protect from the very powerful rays of the sun, but it was really the time of our lives.

aruba-beachThe first morning we were there we went parasailing early in the morning after breakfast on the beach.  It was a great morning, and from high in the air you could really appreciate the immense beauty of the beach and ocean.  We went up about 500 feet, and although it did not look very high from the beach, once you were up there it was a towering height (and a terrifying height)!

We first learned of Aruba from a good friend of mine who was in the carpet cleaning business.  He owned a company in Florida that specialized in carpet cleaning and took a job in Aruba and for more than a year did a lot of carpet cleaning at local hotels and restaurants.  He finally went home after a few years enjoying the good life in Aruba, and went back to carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning nd did quite well at that, but just did not enjoy it as much.

In the afternoons we just lounged around the pool, and it was so relaxing!  The climate in Aruba is one of a kind.  It is a desert climate, so it is always dry and gets very little rain.  So you don’t have a lush, tropical landscape with lots of vegetation and trees.  It is more like a desert, but one of the most beautiful places in the world.  And the great thing is, if you are going there for vacation then you don’t have to worry about rain days, which is so very important!

Another great thing about the beaches of Aruba is that they are filled with friendly locals who go out of their way to help you with your every need.  They offer food, local art, and clothing.  We purchased many items that week from these beachside vendors, and they are still cherished possessions these many years later.  We have a beautiful beach painting on our refrigerator that makes me smile each time I see it.

Here is a great video showing the beauty of beaches in Aruba:



After a long day at the beach, it is time for a great nightlife.  There is lots to do at night, and lots of great restaurants to dine at with nearly every type of food you can imagine.  Even what you would consider American restaurants like Outback Steakhouse.  There is also local cuisine which is a must try at least a few meals during your stay.

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