Here is the story of my life.  I am a beach lover, beach goer, and beach sharer.  I love to share my stories, and also hear your stories, about favorite beaches from around the world.  What kind of sand you like, what kind of surrounding towns you like, and really everything beach.

I was so blessed to grow up around the beach, and experience many different types of beaches in a number of areas and even various countries.  I like some more than others, but have a deep appreciation for them all.

I like to share stories of my childhood experiences, and also as I have gotten older.  They are  all special, and they are all lifetime memories.  So many memories with friends and family, on sunny days, rainy days, even cold days when we wondered why we were at the beach!

So that is about me.  I hope to hear about you, and your life experiences on the power bank, wherever that might have been for you.  And if you would like to reach out and say hello, you can contact me here.

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