The Beaches of Mexico

mexico-beachesThe beaches of Mexico are among are among the most beautiful beaches in the entire world.  The sand is so soft and pure and white.  The water temperature is usually warm most of the year which makes it a great vacation destination nearly any time.  We traveled to Mexico on vacation two summers ago and stayed right on the beach.  We rented a large home with two other families and it was absolute paradise for a full week.

You can expect the following from the beaches of Mexico:

  • Great shops for food and merchandise
  • Soft, clean sand
  • Lots of tourists (very busy)

We barbecued on the beach in the evenings as we take margaritas and told stories of the adventures of that day.  We played volleyball during the day while the kids went swimming off in the ocean in the pool.  It then became a tradition where we all took afternoon naps on the beach.  It was pure paradise and we did this for 8 straight days!  We enjoyed every single minute, and when the trip was over not a single person wanted to leave and we even considered extending!

There is an old saying not to drink the water in Mexico.  We learned the hard way that this might actually be true.  Sarah, my sister, had a severe stomach bug the last half of the trip which was very unfortunate.  She was in the hotel room pretty much the entire time, and only started feeling better in evenings after 5:00pm each day.  We all thought that was nice timing, as it was just in time for happy hour!  We think she got the bug from drinking water in the mornings after her walks on the beach.  As she would go for long walks and then drink 3 or 4 bottles of water to stay hydrated after watching the sunrise on the beach.

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