Malibu Beach Vacation and the Power of Solar

Malibu BeachLast summer we took a vacation left to Malibu Beach, California.  It was the most amazing two weeks that I have ever experienced.  The weather was absolutely beautiful the entire time and we did something exciting each and every day.  We actually saw a movie star while at lunch one day, and I can’t even remember his name, but my younger sister was going crazy.  We stayed in a rental home right on the beach and it was the most stunning beach I have ever seen.  The sun sets were breathtaking, and each evening we set our patio and waited for the sun to set while sipping on a cocktail.  It was amazing!

The home that we stayed in was extraordinary.  It was what you call a green home as it was very energy efficient.  The owner who rented the home to us said that it does not use any electricity from the power company, but rather generates all of its own electricity.  One thing that covered the entire roof of this home was solar panels, and I learned a lot about how solar panels work to provide electricity to a home.

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